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The extensive services and technological facilities at Patina Care are designed to nurture the elderly and provide deepened and enriched care for them in their old age. With comprehensive rehabilitation, medical and nursing programmes, as well as counselling services, recreational and social activities, residents are given the support and care they need to maintain quality of life.

Elderly Home
Patina Care offers 32 single bedrooms* and several facilities, including:
  • Nursing Station
  • Pharmacy
  • Common Room
  • Multisensory Room
  • Isolation Room
  • Sky Garden
*Each bedroom is equipped with an electric nursing bed, a television and wardrobes.
Personal Safety
  • Emergency Call Bells in all bedrooms and common rooms
  • Motion Sensors in all bathrooms
  • Facial Recognition Anti-Wandering System at lift lobbies
  • Pine Care Mobile App provides instant reports on elderly resident's condition to families   
Other Technological Facilities
  • Electric Nursing Beds
  • The Shower: The latest bath system offering hand-held and side sprayer bars with mist, multi-functional setting

Other Facilities
  • Patina Bistro, a health-focused restaurant
  • Patina Health Centre, a clinic inclusive of Western Medicine and Physiotherapy
  • Parking Lot


Direct Booking Privileges includes:

Free Wi-Fi internet access

Daily complimentary 2 bottles of distilled water

Exclusive discount with promo code "DIRECT"